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    Great news! The session dates for the Maintenance Provider program have been released!  You can download a registration form on our website now.

    This training is conducted over a period of five days. The session will incorporate classroom as well as field and hands on experience opportunities. The training will focus the operation and maintenance required for conventional systems including trenches, beds, mounds and at-grades with some aerobic tank discussion. The second part concentrates more specifically on Aerobic Tanks, drip irrigation, single pass and re-circulating media filters. The final classroom component will focus on business practices for maintenance providers. A field hands on session will follow the classroom training and an exam administered at the conclusion. This course is being offered in partnership with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians.

    Remember that this is first come, first served training, so don’t delay!

    Maintenance Provider Program Now Available

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    The purpose of the sand layer is to allow for enough vertical separation between the effluent entering the soil interface and a restricting layer.  The goal is to achieve seven days retention time in the soil to allow the micro-organisms in the soil to ‘clean’ the effluent, or strip it of bacteria and pathogens.  If the effluent is cleaner when it enters the soil interface, it will not require as much retention time in the soil to provide that ‘cleaning’.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback!  At this time WCOWMA-BC does not offer private inspector training, but we are actually working on a Maintenance Provider training course right now.  The early stages of this training, a Maintenance Provider Program workshop, will be unveiled at our annual Trade Show & Convention in Kamloops on February 23rd.  If you aren’t registered to attend yet, you can check out the complete schedule of events as well as find more information about the training on the convention page here:


    More details on our new training program will be available soon.  Keep an eye on the website!

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    Congratulations, Brent!  You are officially using the forum!

    The slight delay in your post was due to the fact that all initial posts must be approved prior to publishing.  You are now free to post away.

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    Tom, we will certainly looks into this and discuss the process with the Ministry of Health, as they have the authority in this situation. We may have to call you to get the specific details in order to ensure that we are collecting the correct information and asking the right questions.

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    The theory behind reductions in trench bottom if chambers are used is that chambers allow better distribution of effluent due to the fact that there is no gravel ‘masking’ or covering the soil interface. Basically, the argument is that effluent distributed in chamber systems is distributed more evenly because the rocks in a rock and pipe system, mask the ground where the rocks come into contact with the infiltrative surface, thus reducing the infiltration area.

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    The following comment was received from Ian Ralston (

    Food processing wastewater does not necessarily have to be discharged to an  SSR  system, but can be used depending on what the processing is)  following best management practices. What sort of food processing are we talking about (e.g.  vegetable washing versus making canned soup…).

    Since they seem to be wanting to use it for irrigation, that sounds non SSR as well (unless it is subsurface).

    In terms of the  treatment  train, it does not seem to me that this would   be   problematic   if  properly designed for an SSR system.

    Clearly if there is hardly any effluent flow the vegetated pond and wetland will  have issues in the summer, so clarity around the actual flow is critical.

    One wonders what their plans would be for the winter?

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    The following comment was received from Michael Payne (

    This wastewater system may or may not fall under the jurisdiction of the Public Health Act – Sewerage System Regulation (SSR).  The wastewater system could fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Management Act – Waste Discharge Regulation (WDR), or under some other act or regulation.  So, my suggested approach would be:

    1.  First, characterize and classify the wastewater.  Is it a “single-source” wastewater, for example, only from a food processing plant?  Is it a combined or mixed wastewater, for example, wastewater from a food processing plant mixed with wastewater from a washroom or wastewater from a house?  If it is a combined wastewater stream, does it make sense to separate out the two or more sources of wastewater?  If the wastewater only originates from food processing, what food is being processed?  The type of food will make a difference to the guidelines or codes that apply.  Codes for meat processing wastewater are quite different than for fruit and vegetable processing wastewater.

    2.  Based on the classification of the wastewater, find out which Act applies, and which Regulation applies.  This may involve phone calls to the Ministry of Environment or the local Health Authority, or others.

    3.  Having clarified which Act and Regulation applies, find out what standards or guidelines or codes-of-practice apply.  If the wastewater falls under the jurisdiction of the SSR, you are already familiar with the standards (i.e., the SPM).  If the wastewater falls under the WDR, for example, there may be a code-of-practice, or other guideline, that applies.

    4.  If the wastewater falls under the jurisdiction of another Regulation (not the SSR), then you will need to confirm the procedures for application and approvals, if any approvals are required.

    5.  You may also want to do some directed research on the design and operation of wastewater systems for food processing industries. There are some engineering design manuals that deal with this subject, as well as research papers.

    I hope this helps.

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    The forum is officially launched!

    You should be able to find the buttons now. There is a link on the first line under the “Members” tab.

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    Hi Garth,

    Thanks for posting.
    Under the SSR there is no recognition of the designation Sewerage System Inspector.  However, ASTTBC, the certification body for Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners does require from their members that inspectors operating as ROWPs must complete a training program and apply for the appropriate stamp.
    This creates a bit of a grey area.  If you perform inspections without a ROWP Stamp for Inspection are you contravening the regulation?  No.

    in reply to: Spring thaw? #1560

    I am in BC, so it’s sunny and beautiful out here.  Looks like digging season to me!

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    At the present moment the forum has not gone “live” on the front end of the website.  We will be launching the forum to the membership shortly, but currently you are just getting a sneak peak because you are a board member!

    There are five forums currently on the WCOWMA website at  You are currently inside of the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association forum.  There is one for each provincial chapter as well as a forum dedicated to the Terms and Conditions.  You are welcome to start new threads (as you’ve done here) under any of the provincial forums.

    You should see direct access to the forums from the main website in the next week or so!

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