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    The staff here at WCOWMA-BC are currently working on our practical training workshops and deciding which workshops to offer in the coming months.

    We’ve offered a range of workshops in the past such as SOP update, Site & Soils, Pressure Distribution, Advanced Soils, Pumps & Controls workshops and more. (You can see a complete list here: https://www.wcowma-bc.com/members-area/members-field-training/.)

    What sorts of training would you like to see in future?

    Is there a course you found particularly useful?

    Did you miss one of the classes above and would like to see it run again?

    Sound off below!


    Garth Millan ROWP –

    I am interested in acquiring the necessary training to become a Sewerage System private inspector. I understand there is currently no certification requirement to perform this service. Is that so?



    Hi Garth,

    Thanks for posting.
    Under the SSR there is no recognition of the designation Sewerage System Inspector.  However, ASTTBC, the certification body for Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners does require from their members that inspectors operating as ROWPs must complete a training program and apply for the appropriate stamp.
    This creates a bit of a grey area.  If you perform inspections without a ROWP Stamp for Inspection are you contravening the regulation?  No.

    Chris Carrier

    I’m also interested in attaining my PR Inspection certificate as I’m being approached by Realtors to do Inspections for potential clients. I dislike turning down work but there seems to be a lack of available training.

    The other one would be Maintenance Provider, as I would like to be able to offer Maintenance on the septic systems that I install.



    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback!  At this time WCOWMA-BC does not offer private inspector training, but we are actually working on a Maintenance Provider training course right now.  The early stages of this training, a Maintenance Provider Program workshop, will be unveiled at our annual Trade Show & Convention in Kamloops on February 23rd.  If you aren’t registered to attend yet, you can check out the complete schedule of events as well as find more information about the training on the convention page here: https://www.wcowma-bc.com/convention-trade-show/


    More details on our new training program will be available soon.  Keep an eye on the website!


    Absolutely interested in MP training.


    -kelly klassen


    A lot of time has passed since we initiated the process to develop an ASTTBC accredited Maintenance Provider (O&M)curriculum. This is a long process and has been marred by some interesting speed bumps to say the least. This note is to inform you that we are progressing. We are near to presenting a manual to ASTTBC. We are in the process of trying to establish accredited instructors to deliver the material. like you, we have businesses to run and families to care for. I ask for your patience and even better, for your feedback. What is happening in your area? What are your thoughts on how to improve your situation? I hear stories from members who state that O&M is not an issue. I here that many areas don’t need O&M providers. Tell me what is going on in your area, please.

    GArth Millan – Vice President – WCOWMA – BC


    Great news! The session dates for the Maintenance Provider program have been released!  You can download a registration form on our website now.

    This training is conducted over a period of five days. The session will incorporate classroom as well as field and hands on experience opportunities. The training will focus the operation and maintenance required for conventional systems including trenches, beds, mounds and at-grades with some aerobic tank discussion. The second part concentrates more specifically on Aerobic Tanks, drip irrigation, single pass and re-circulating media filters. The final classroom component will focus on business practices for maintenance providers. A field hands on session will follow the classroom training and an exam administered at the conclusion. This course is being offered in partnership with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians.

    Remember that this is first come, first served training, so don’t delay!

    Maintenance Provider Program Now Available


    I am a little late posting this, but better late than never. On January 16 – 20 2015, WCOWMA-BC presented the first in what we hope to be a long series of Maintenance Provider training workshops. This was without doubt a curriculum very rich in content. It covered every known process of treatment. Very informative, very necessary for our industry. The practical day involved two systems; a Type II – gravity to “D” Box to pipe in chambers and a Type III to sub-surface drip dispersal. Students were hands on and had to make decisions as to how to proceed, when they encountered situations. Everyone learned something. We have had very much positive feedback. Thanks to all who attended.

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