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    I am researching cameras to inspect laterals and distribution lines. I would like feedback as to the best way to go. I do a lot of repairs and maintenance. I would need a locator to help find “D” boxes and underground breaks. All feedback is appreciated. What works for you? What does not? Have you tried some and do not like them and why? I intend to acquire my inspectors certificate. I would like to ensure the unit I purchase can be used to complete thorough inspection examinations. The only unit I have located info on is the Rigid line. Seems like quite a good system. Any thoughts?



    Well, a lot of time has passed since you wrote this Garth…I hope you have already found a suitable pipe camera.   I’ve heard both good and bad about the Ridgid unit.  I passed on it too when I was looking for a camera….mainly because they couldn’t tell me clearly about their maintenance policy.  I eventually bought one from Image Inspection Services in Calgary.  I’ve had it for several years now and its ‘adequate’.  I bought it because Image Inspection builds them  and had a good maintenance policy.  It is not a Rigid…its their own camera.

    However, the real reason I am sending this is because I’d like to know if there is a better one out there.  I know there are several on the market now but I suspect some of them are pretty crappy.  What did you end up buying?

    Doug Gosling



    Hi doug

    I got so busy I put my purchase on hold until January. Thank you for the info on Image Inspection Services. I shall research them this winter. I suggest you go online to They have a sweet supplier directory – statesside of course, but still a vast number of suppliers. I get their mags delivered. Kind of flood you with contacts, but you never know. It is free.

    Thanks for the reply. Hope you get this



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