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    I understand that Interior Health no longer honors Freedom of Information requests with regard to retrieving existing filings. They now require a $60 fee for pulling a filing out of their files. This seems high and it does not seem right for them to charge the homeowner/authorized person for this as it could dissuade someone from finding out information that could prevent a health hazard. How do they get off ignoring Freedom of Information? Can WCOWMA go to bat to reinstate free file retrievals for professionals, or at least reduce to something <$60?

    I recently ran into a problem certifying a system that had originally been filed by another Authorized Person. Can someone provide clarity on what is required in such cases? Does one need to refile and repay the $200 filing fee? If significant changes to the design trigger some kind of review by Interior Health (unlikely), what kind of changes and how significant? It seems to me that if a professional is willing to certify a system, Interior Health should just get out of the way.


    i believe that you have to re-file because the person who filed must be the certifier.


    Tom, we will certainly looks into this and discuss the process with the Ministry of Health, as they have the authority in this situation. We may have to call you to get the specific details in order to ensure that we are collecting the correct information and asking the right questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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